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What are the requirements to be eligible for Retiree benefits?

A former Employee must satisfy conditions 1) through 3) or 4) to be eligible for coverage from the Plan as a Retired Employee:

  1. The Employee has attained age 55 or older, or has 30 years of credited service under the Western States Asbestos Pension Fund, or the Employee is eligible for disability retirement benefits under the Western States Asbestos Pension Fund;
  2. The Employee is vested under the Western States Asbestos Pension Fund;
  3. You are not engaged in any occupation for remuneration or profit; or
  4. The Employee had 7,000 (6,000 for Employees retiring on or after January 1, 1988) Credited Hours or Employment (as defined herein) during the 72-month period immediately preceding the date of your disability, or the effective date of disability as determined by the Social Security Administration.
I am a Retiree who currently self-pays a monthly health premium, where do I need to send my premium payment?


NW Insulation Workers Welfare Trust
PO Box 34203
Seattle, WA 98124

Please include your social security number or WPAS ID number on the memo line of the check. Once the initial paperwork to setup a retiree is completed, the Administration Office will send 12 months of payment coupons, along with a re-order form to the retiree.

I am a new Retiree, and I want to have my pension check deducted to pay for my health premiums.

I am a Retiree who currently has a pension check deduction to pay for my health premiums.

Can Retirees participate under COBRA before participating in the Retiree Medical Plan?


What coverage is available to retired members?

Retirees under age 65 – medical, prescription and life insurance.

Retirees over age 65 – medical and prescription only.

When does coverage cease for ex-dependents of retired members?

The last day of the month in which the terminating event occurs, both active and retired.

Do Retirees have life insurance coverage?

Yes, however coverage expires at age 65 for Retirees.